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- Soil reactivity testing for residential site classifications

- Effluent disposal investigations and reports



Calare Civil aims to provide clients with designs that will allow efficient and cost effective construction while maintaining structural integrity.

Some of our many structural services include:

  • Slab and footing design

  • Retaining walls

  • Wind bracing & tie-down details

  • Structural steel

  • Inspections and certification

  • Inspections and reports



At Calare Civil, our professional civil engineers work closely with our clients, relevant authorities and contractors to ensure every project exceeds expectations. Calare Civil has many longstanding relationships with returning clients that rely on the support and technical knowledge our problem solving team can provide. 

Some of our civil engineering services include:

  • Storm water design

  • Drainage

  • Car park design

  • Road design

  • Subdivisions

  • Traffic diagrams



We now offer architectural and building design services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We can provide a full package service from preliminary building design sketches right through to the structural engineering.



Stuctural design of Bridges:

  • Full design compliance with AS5100 to SM1600 loadings

  • Design of bridges and waterway crossings using custom or composite systems, modular pre-cast systems and precast box culverts

  • Design of piers, slab systems and abutments to AS2159, AS3600, AS5100 and AS4678

  • Pedestrian footbridge and cycle bridge design to AS5100 requirements

Civil Design of Bridges including:

  • Hydrology and flood study for bridge design

  • Bridge approaches and road alignments

  • Battering and grading plans of proposed finished surfaces

Services: Services
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