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The below projects are a few of our bridge projects


Crown Bridge - Capertee Valley NSW


Hollywood Bridge - Narrabri NSW


Moyne Farm Estate Bridge - Little Hartley

Bridge Design: Projects

Calare Civil Bridge Design Services

Stuctural design of Bridges including:

  • Full design compliance with AS5100 to SM1600 loadings

  • Design of bridges and waterway crossings using custom or composite systems, modular pre-cast systems and precast box culverts

  • Design of piers, slab systems and abutments to AS2159, AS3600, AS5100 and AS4678

  • Pedestrian footbridge and cycle bridge design to AS5100 requirements

Civil Design of Bridges including:

  • Hydrology and flood study for bridge design

  • Bridge approaches and road alignments

  • Battering and grading plans of proposed finished surfaces

Bridge Design: Text
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